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Introducing Fibre

Front-end technology is growing at a never before seen pace, making the front-end stack more and more complicated. Development is no longer as simple as a text editor and an FTP client, and that necessitates new tools. Managing our tools takes almost as much time as utilizing them.

Task runners like Gulp were created to solve this problem, but they take a decent amount of configuration to get up and running. They can also be intimidating for beginners and people who don't want to learn yet another tool. Even once you learn them, having to set them up for every project can be tiresome at best.

My aim with Fibre was to create a lightweight scaffolding that allowed you to jump straight into coding. Creating recipes for common web development tasks, Fibre's aim is to be a lightweight scaffolding that enables you to jump straight into coding while still benefitting from the workflow improvements that Gulp can provide. Fibre covers common front-end tasks including image optimization, CSS pre-processing with SCSS and Autoprefixer, JS Module Loading with Browserify, and much more.

You can read more about everything Fibre offers in the documentation, or you can get started by visiting the repo on GitHub. Happy coding!

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